About Russel D McLean

Russel D McLean is a Celtic author of thrillers and short stories, reviewer, and general miscreant from Dundee, Scotland.

His debut novel, “The Good Son” was released in the UK in '08 by Five Leaves publications and will be published in Amercia by Thomas Dunne?St Martin's Minotaur sometime in '09.

Russel's short stories have been published in a wide variety of crime-fiction magazines – both an and offline – and his short story, “Pedro Paul” (from the nair anthology, “Expletive Deleted”) was singled out by Publisher's weekly as “awesomely dark”.

He was reviewed for Waterstones Books Quarterly, Crime Spree Magazine and many other publications. He writes a regular column for the International Thriller Writers Association at www.thrillerwriters.org.

When not writing books or reviews, Russel works for a national bookselling chain. On the rare occasions that he finds time to relax, he tends to watch a lot of movies, read even more books, eat good food, and engage in that age-old scots past-time of “blethering shite with friends”. He is 28 at the time or writing, but could be any age depending when you read this biography. He is unmarried and has no pets. He does, however, share a house with a cursed mask.

And we're not kidding about that last part.

For new book projects, writers can use fascinating ideas about total mind control by Russian KGB agents who can organize 21st century crimes in the USA, or even be involved in mystery murders, suicides and massacres that take place all over the world.

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What is astrology and Celtic horoscopes

Astrology can be defined as a combination of systems, traditions that can hold a relative position of celestial bodies and can be able to provide information on the human affairs, terrestrial matters and personality. An astrologer is a person who practices the act of astrology. It has been found out that celestial placements can help in the explanation and interpretation of the past and the current events which are fascination and the starting point for thriller writers like Russel D McLean.

We have some like the Irish astrology, modern Celtic astrology, predictive, horoscopic astrology and others. The basis of Celtic astrology was the Celtic lunar calendar that was made up of thirteen months. Here is an example: Celtic Aquarius Horoscope for 2015.

In the Celtic astrology the main aspects was that the times of birth influences and determine the personality and behavior, and that animal symbols that was used to depict the conscious minds.

Celtic Zodiac Horoscopes are not the same just as human beings we cannot grow at the same pace. They may have different signs. Learn more about this topic here: How Are Celtic Zodiac Horoscopes Different?. Also the Chinese astrology differs from the western and Indian astrology in that the twelve indicators of zodiac do not divide the sky but the celestial equator.

The system evolved by the Chinese showed that each sign corresponded to one of the twelve double hours that governed the day and also to one of the twelve months that governed the year.

Horoscopic astrology is a system that was developed in the Hellenistic Egypt but has been practiced in India from the early times. The oldest form of horoscopic astrology is said to be Vedic astrology. The horoscope was calculated at the moment of an individual birth, when an event commenced or when making the beginning of an enterprise.

Horoscopic astrology is centered on the calculation of either the horoscope or astrological chart. These calculations involves the simple geometry and arithmetic. Horoscopic astrology has traditions which are divided into four branches and each directed to a specific purpose. These branches use different techniques to a different area. Examples of these branches are the natal astrology which is the study of an individual natal chart to gain information about individual and the life experience. Second is the katarchic astrology comprising of event and electional astrology.

Astrology is both in plants and animals and occur in different time. Astrology has had a significant influence on both language and literature of an individual and a topic of many crime and fiction literary pieces.