About Russel D McLean

Russel D McLean is an author of thrillers and short stories, reviewer, and general miscreant from Dundee, Scotland.

His debut novel, “The Good Son” was released in the UK in '08 by Five Leaves publications and will be published in Amercia by Thomas Dunne?St Martin's Minotaur sometime in '09.

Russel's short stories have been published in a wide variety of crime-fiction magazines – both an and offline – and his short story, “Pedro Paul” (from the nair anthology, “Expletive Deleted”) was singled out by Publisher's weekly as “awesomely dark”.

He was reviewed for Waterstones Books Quarterly, Crime Spree Magazine and many other publications. He writes a regular column for the International Thriller Writers Association at www.thrillerwriters.org.

When not writing books or reviews, Russel works for a national bookselling chain. On the rare occasions that he finds time to relax, he tends to watch a lot of movies, read even more books, eat good food, and engage in that age-old scots past-time of “blethering shite with friends”. He is 28 at the time or writing, but could be any age depending when you read this biography. He is unmarried and has no pets. He does, however, share a house with a cursed mask.

And we're not kidding about that last part.
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